Let's Start!

Welcome to the Savings Challenges in 2020!

In the beginning, I struggled not just with saving but finding the money to save. It always felt like something came up in my life that prevented me from saving money. Let's face it, having $20 sitting in your savings account doesn't do much good. You want to be able to save enough where it can make a significant difference in your life.

It took years for me to adopt a regular savings routine, but once I did, breaking my savings goals into manageable, bite-sized pieces became a reality.

One of the ways I make savings fun and manageable on a tight budget is by creating savings challenges every month. The challenge itself keeps me motivated, and saving regularly turns my actions into habits.


Make sure you join the "TBM Savings Challenges" private Facebook group! In there you can ask other students questions about the challenges, get different ideas, post pictures related to each challenge, and share your experience.

For the challenges where I will be calling out numbers for the different games, I will be announcing them in the Facebook group, so it's important that you join. Make sure you answer the group questions when you request to join!

Join the Facebook group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/tbmsavingschallenges/

After receiving so many messages that many of you were also struggling to save, I decided to share some of the savings challenges I completed when I was working with a tight budget.

In December 2018, I decided to post a YouTube video (see video above), hoping it would make people realize their savings potential.

The response was overwhelming! So many of you expressed your ability to save cash and income without drastically changing your budget, AND you had fun doing it!

So, we decided to continue the tradition, but make it even better!

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