Cash Envelope Challenge - Jolly January

Jolly Cash Envelope January

This cash envelope challenge is all about an alphabet key and a 5-letter word.

Here’s how it works:

Pick one 5-letter word. In the spirit of the challenge, I will be using the word JOLLY.

Use the alphabet key provided on this worksheet to save the dollar amount corresponding to the five letters in your word. Save that amount every Friday.

For example, my word is JOLLY. Using the key below:

J ($10) | O ($15) | L ($12) | L ($12) | Y ($25)

I would save $10 the first Friday, $15 the next Friday, etc. Take the amount you are supposed to save and put it in your Cash Savings Envelope.

For example, by the end of the month using my word JOLLY, I will have saved $74 from my cash envelopes.

You can pull the cash from any envelope. If you feel the savings amounts are too small, double the number.

Jolly Cash Envelope Instructions.pdf
January Cash Envelope.pdf
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